CES 101

May 1, 10:10-12


Rape culture; imminent domain; subprime loans; tipped workers’ minimum wage; Anne Braden, Viola Liuzzo, John Brown, James Reeb. Cheney, Goodman and Schwerner; “rugged individualism;” “making it on my own”; deindustrialization; Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964; Claudia; gentrification; Food deserts; Salmon and Karuk people; environmental racism

  1. What percent of mainstream hip-hop music is listened by white youths?
  2. Developers wanted to turn The Garden into this
  3. How much money did Ralph Horowitz pay for the land?  How much money did he want from the city?
  4. How many rapists will walk free
  5. What percentage of rapes are committed by someone known by the victim
  6. A rape occurs every _______ minutes
  7. Concerned citizens of Los Angeles were successful in thwarting construction of this
  8. Why is anti-racist work so difficult (isolating)
  9. According to course readings, whites with “higher quality resumes” benefit in what way compared to other whites (229); how does this compare to blacks with “higher quality resumes”

10. What percentage of restaurant workers who earned less than the minimum wage are people of color

11. What percentage of waiters admitted they discriminate against black customers

12. Wages for restaurant workers have remained stagnant for this many years

13. Sexual harassment in restaurant industry

14. What methods do some restaurants employ that result in workers receiving less than minimum wage

15. What percent of black women are raped before the age of 18

16. What was the music video made by Nelly that started controversy over images of women of color and resulted in a protest at Spelman College?

17. Rick Ross controversy

18. What is on the land where The Garden use to be as of 2012

19. Why did city of Los Angeles initially set up LA community garden



Cumulative Section


Willie Horton; Terry v. Ohio; Florida v. Bostick; pretext stops; criminalblackmen; McCleskey v. Kemp; manufactured misdemeanors; recidivism; meritocracy

stereotypes; white flight; colorblindness; white Privilege; racism; prejudice;

Institutional Racism



  1. What impact did NAFTA have on corn production; pig farms; and bean production?  Impact on avocado production?
  2. Why did America’s elite universities instituted letters of recommendations, essays, personal interviews, and consideration of extracurricular activities?
  3. Why is the “prevalence of white drug crime – including drug dealing – not surprising”?  Why is whites selling drugs to be whites expected?

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