U.S. Airways Tells 2 Black Passengers They Can’t Wear Hoodies Or Hats (Participation)


27 thoughts on “U.S. Airways Tells 2 Black Passengers They Can’t Wear Hoodies Or Hats (Participation)

  1. After watching this clip, it is made obvious that even though many people say that we have moved past racism, we have not at all. Maybe things aren’t as serious or horrible as they used to be, but it is still very hurtful to those that it is aimed toward. Telling someone of a specific race that they cannot dress a certain way but allowing different races to get away with it is not okay. I have never heard of a law that states that a person must dress in a certain way in order to fly first class. Personally that sounds completely ridiculous and I would be just as upset if I were those two African American passengers.

  2. It seems almost unreal to me that something like this could happen. In my eyes, this is nothing but discrimination and completely humiliating to these passengers. The fact that they were told they could not dress a certain way because of policy seems almost impossible because this was not explained to them prior to reaching the gate. These passengers deserve a huge apology and a victory over this airline in court. This is unbelievable.

  3. After watching this video clip it proves that racism is still present in today’s society and even throughout the professional line of work. There were two other men who were not asked to change out of their clothes. From experience, I have seen many people in first class that are not dressed in business casual clothes. Racism may not be to the same extent as before but clearly there are people and businesses that still discriminate. All the men were asking for was an apology. They were not suing for money or for publicity, but just for a simple apology. The men were very cooperative and did exactly what was told of them. I feel bad that had to be in this position and faced racism. The employee that took their boarding passes had a lot of nerve and should feel guilty about the situation.

  4. I could understand if this really was a policy deal, but if it was policy these two young men should have known about it. And if it was their policy then everyone it first class should have to abide by the rules. I think it is clear that they were being discriminated against, the Caucasian and Filipino men were clearly not wearing business casual clothing and the U.S. Airway employee didn’t say anything to them about what they should be wearing. Is it too much for the men to get an apology from the Airline company. I don’t think court would be necessary if the company would just buck up and apologize.

  5. This just doesn’t make any sense. The individual who told these guys to change clothes should have KNOWN that it would backfire, especially after not telling the white guy and his friend to change out of jeans. It’s so racist and to be honest it isnt even a big deal… who cares if the guys are wearing hats and hoods and jeans it literally doesn’t matter on a plane… first class or not

  6. This has nothing to do with the airline’s “policy”. To me this is a clear cut case of racial discrimination. I don’t even understand how this could be argued. There is literally proof that 2 people who were not African American were able to dress however they liked, meanwhile, the two African American passengers were forced to change their clothes. This is clearly racial profiling and the airline company owes an apology at the very LEAST, if not some sort of compensation. The embarrassment that was caused from this situation is simply unacceptable in a day and age where we continue to strive toward ending racism. This behavior by the airline company cannot be tolerated. If anything, since these two men paid more to fly first class they should be able to wear whatever the hell they want to. These are the types of incidents that need to be eliminated from society because they are just supporting racism.

  7. They didn’t want them to look like the stereotypical black man in first class, but I also think it depends on how these two people dressed. They could’ve had baggy pants that revealed their underwear, which is common for men to wear these days, and they also could’ve had on huge shirts. Those are the types of things that are common in my town, and it doesn’t look good at all. The two pictures of the other men who weren’t told to change, were dressed in casual attire. I don’t think we have a good enough idea on what really happened on the plane to be able to have an opinion about this matter. Because in order to have an opinion I would need to see a picture prior to when they changed.

  8. This video was very shocking to me. I think it is ridiculous to restrict people from wearing certain clothing items in order to sit in first class. I personally have never noticed any sort of dress code for first class. The video shows an act of racism even though they claimed it was due to their “policy”. It is very obvious it was racism because of the two individuals with similar dress sitting in the same area. I think the two guys at least deserve an apology from the airline because one of their employees displayed an obvious act of racism. Dress should not be considered a factor when sitting in first class on any plane.

  9. This video is a perfect example of how racism still occurs today. Although what the air way employee asked of the two passengers was not all that serious. it was the reason why he asked this that made it rasis. To say that this was not an act of Racism would be ridiculous. what other reason, would the air line employee have, to care that much about what the two men were wearing? Its not like the men had overwhelmingly inappropriate clothing on. From my understanding they were wearing casual everyday clothing. If U.S airways dose have a dress code for their first class attendants, I believe this is pointless. In my opinion, If your paying the extra money to sit first class, than you should be able to wear what ever you want.

  10. I was shocked that they stopped the young men and made them change before sitting in first class. I have never heard of a dress code for being able to sit in first class, let alone it being enforced. This is an obvious sign of racial discrimination. If other ethnicities were able to sit in first class in casual attire and not these black men, then there is no way denying such a blunt act of injustice. The amount of racial disparities in the U.S. continues to astound me.

  11. In no way shape or form is this discrimination of any sort. The Employee who allowed his friends to travel on the US Airways Guest Pass Program failed to educate his friends on the terms and policies which are clearly stated. The airline requires that when flying on a guest pass which the two men were, you have to wear casual attire.

    ” First or Envoy Class: Pass travelers may wear casual attire, including blue or black denim attire, skirts, capri-style pants, and sandals, provided it is well−groomed, neat, clean, and conservative. Unacceptable attire in First Class/Envoy includes tee shirts, shorts, jogging suits, athletic gear, baseball−style caps, athletic shoes, beach footwear, flip−flops including Croc−style footwear.” (Us Airways 2).

    The reason the two Filipino boys were not required to change clothes is because their tickets were purchased and not an employee guest pass program ticket therefore there is no discrimination occurring. However if these two passengers had purchased their tickets and were required to change I would see that as discrimination.


    • Chad: This does add additional layers to the discussion but does that eliminate a discussion of race. Does the above assume that this was the reason given to passengers? It results in questions not necessarily answers? Does it presume that there weren’t biases (implicit or otherwise) in the enforcement of the policy? The existence of a policy doesn’t guarantee fairness, does it? Push beyond either/or to think about multiple issues, emotions, feelings (does it matter that these passengers, maybe because of past experiences, felt discriminated upon; are those emotions real and legitimate irrespective of intent?

  12. It just blows me away how easily things can get blown out of proportion. If it is policy to not wear the hood, I don’t believe that it is racism that is being shown. However, in today’s society, race is such a fragile/touchy subject, and the “race card” is continually thrown around with little regard to the consequences that are faced after. I guarantee that if the two black people that were asked to remove their hoods were white, there would be no lawsuit being filed. People in today’s society look to jump on opportunities like this, making a quick buck simply because something can be interpreted as racism. Don’t get me wrong, racism DOES exist today, however, I strongly believe that people see things differently due to the touchy nature of the subject of racism. Like Chad said above me, this is an issue of being educated on policy, not an issue of racism.

  13. How do we account for the real emotions and reactions? How might we talk about them without dismissing them? How are experiences with racial profiling REAL? How does the existence of a policy end the conversation about race — isn’t there a drug policy in this country yet it is not enforced equally? Push beyond either/or

  14. I feel as if this situation could go both ways. I don’t know many people who do research before going on a flight when in first class. I know a lot of my friends who have been on different airlines and had guest passes through a family member and wore casual clothes or even bumped up because they were lacking people in first class. I think maybe the way they approached them seemed injustice and crude. They should have showed them the dress code on paper because I feel like this would happen a lot with people not knowing rules or regulations of a first class member. I think it was blown out of proportion but also they were discriminated against due to the way they approached.

  15. This occurrence is clearly discrimination. Although there may be some company policy in place to regulate the dress attire of those using the “buddy pass” it does not hide the fact that in this instance there was a level of discrimination present. If a dress attire was so important to the passengers ability to take their seats it should have been specified on the boarding pass. Since there was no specification the people at the front gate were abusing their power to discriminate against their paying customers. The humiliation would have been very embarrassing for any one put in those young men’s situation. Then to top it off the company instead of apologizing for their employee’s actions instead stated that the employee was in the wrong. A policy stating that certain passengers may not wear hats while others can is a company issue that needs to be addressed before discrimination of this type occurs again.

  16. Initially when I saw the headline I thought that the passengers were going to be wearing hoods all the way pulled down. This is clearly discrimination; the passengers were wearing what most people wear when they fly “something comfortable”. Just because you are sitting in first class does not mean that you have to be dressed up. You paid for the seats you should be able to wear what you want. Then the fact that other passengers were not in the business causal in first class is a slapping in the face to the two black passengers that had to change. I hope that they do receive some sort of compensation. This is wrong, and the fact U.S. airways is trying to hide behind some policy about employee dress code is ridiculous

  17. When i first saw the video on freeze frame and the heading my first thought was that the two men were going to be dressed up as thugs, your typical stereotype on black people but they were way different then that. they were traveling as though they wanted to be comfortable for their flight home. what i think the airline did was very discriminating against them. it is sad to see that many people have not moved on with discrimination, they might say they have but as i have heard before, actions speak louder then words.-Nohemi Meza

  18. After watching this video, I am not surprised. It is obviously show that racism is still exist in the US. Although the airline company say they are welcome all the customer, they cannot do it all the time. In addition, this thing is also happen in China. However, it is not racism; it is about the gap between the rich and the poor.

  19. After watching this video it amazes me how these two individuals were not allowed to sit in first class because of the clothes they were wearing and because they were black, They were forced to change in order to be allowed to be seated and during all this 2 white males were granted first class and they wear wearing identical clothing as the black victims this video shows me how segregation and racism is far from ending and it happens in every level from restaurants, schools, jobs and now even airports.

  20. In my opinion, this is definitely racism. Unless a dress code is publicly known, then this is completely uncalled for. I have never heard of a dress code for any airline. If I buy a ticket, I believe I am also buying the right to wear whatever makes me comfortable in my seat as long as it does not disturb any other passengers. I would not be as calm as those two guys if I saw two white people being allowed to sit in first class without following the “dress code”.

  21. It is quite frankly embarrassing that something like this is still happening in our society. The fact that the airlines and the employees had preconceived notions about these two black men for their hoodies and baseball caps is sad. Before seeing the second half of the video I had the thought that had these men been in fact white, there would not have been any problem with their attire. If there had been clearly posted notices when they bought their ticket, or if was common knowledge that it is “required”, and not just advised, to where slacks and a button down, that would have been one thing, however to tell two black men to change out of their hoodies and baseball caps while two other men are allowed into first class not in semi formal attire is strait racism

  22. When I read the title of the video clip I was shocked to hear that U.S. airways did that. I had never heard before of that kind of discrimination coming from a flight agency; I usually hear about discrimination coming from the people boarding the flights not the employees. I also had never heard about a person having to wear business attire in first class. It’s the person who pays to be in first class, so they should be able to wear whatever they want. What shocked me was the part where a Caucasian and Filipino men were allowed to wear the same clothes the two African American men were wearing. It sounds like discrimination is spreading rather than declining.

  23. After watching this video, I was shocked to hear that there was a particular dress code for first class flight members. After the two men had been humiliated and then changed their clothing, they noticed two other men wearing jeans and something similar to what they had on. Although these individuals were embarrassed, I find it to be completely embarrassing for U.S. Airways. There is not a rule that states that if passengers want to sit in first class, they must wear business attire clothing. These African American men were clearly discriminated against, especially when a white and Filipino male were wearing similar clothes. Racism still exists today and it’s sad to see that people are being discriminated against on flights. The men did not want money from what had taken place, but a simple apology that they had not received. If they were told to change, then everyone who bought tickets for first class should have been told to change.

  24. After watching this video clip, I was shocked to see how far racism has gone. I never even knew some airlines had a ‘dress code’. I have never traveled first class before but I have never heard of people having to dress a certain way to fly. When flying on an airplane people want to fly comfortable. People shouldn’t be told what they can’t wear. So many people wear baseball caps or hoodies in the airport but just because they are African Americans they can’t wear that to fly first class. There are so many African Americans that play in the major leagues and do they tell them the same thing? It might of been just a misunderstanding but the fact they told them that after letting a philipino and a caucausian wear a black hoodie was wrong. The U.S. Airways should of been more clear on the dress code policies and made it equal to everyone. That was such an emabarrassement to those two African American passengers. People go through enough security as it is.

  25. After seeing this clip, I am disappointed in the airline and hope that the two men get both an apology and a cash settlement for having to adhere to different rules than others. If it truly was the airline’s policy, I understand. However the fact that two non-black men were allowed to go against the dress code is ridiculous. Im also unsure as to why things such as baseball caps on airlines needs to become an issue anyways. Why are just baseball caps disallowed while other hats are acceptable? Why is it only in the first class where hats are offensive? I think the policy should be change, and hopefully these two are the ones to get it to happen.

  26. I don’t necessarily believe this instance is discrimination but it could be. I have used a buddy pass before and have flown in first class and I was required to dress up. And I’m African American and I’m sure there were other people there not dressed up. But it’s possible that the boys were being discriminated against. I guess it would depend on whether the other passengers were on buddy passes as well. The men had the right to be embarrassed because they were asked to dress more professionally in order to board the plane, which makes sense. But seeing as how I have been in the position they were in but dressed appropriately I can’t say I necessarily agree that this instance is discrimination. But then again I wouldn’t rule it out because it happens.

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