Tough Guise (extra credit)

Watch the film below and write a 1-2 page reaction, review, and analysis.  Opportunities ends April 20 – 25 points


One thought on “Tough Guise (extra credit)

  1. The video tough Guise examines the relationship between images in popular cultures and social constructions of male indenties. It shows how media message plays a large role. It goes over statistics like men perpetrate 90% of violence in society tends to focus on subordinated groups not the dominant ones. They give examples from the New York Times. They also go over males physical features have changed in our generation the strive for being built. Its talks about the how they muscle size have increased. In my opinion supplement producers try to image very muscular people so they can sell the products so the consumer can think that if the consume the product they will end up the same. In reality those people on the cover are body builder not the average person like they make it seem. It also goes over how bad the sexual abuse rate as well rape is so mad and how the media promotes is with movies and Television shows, they tend to tie it with romance and comedy. Its also goes over how pornography has an affect because it makes men look so dominant and its pretty much dominated by men and mainly consumed by men. It goes over how teen violence is starting to increase because of our media and not because of genes. In my opinion everything I think the media for the most part its right. It goes over on how in our generation people men growing up want be viewed as someone who is not weak. They want to be viewed as someone who is not a sissy. They want to look like a dominant figure and they are kind of taught that way through media and sometimes by the male adult figure. Even coaches in sports promote it too, I can recall when I got a concussion in a football game, I was hiding it he whole time so I wouldn’t look like a sissy to all my teammates as well as my coaches. Now going back and thinking about it I should have told a coach because it was a problem. Our media also promotes men and the consumption of alcohol. They make it seem like men have to drink beer to be a true man as well as driving reckless or driving fast is part of a male culture.

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