Race, Gender, Beauty and Privilege (Participation)


12 thoughts on “Race, Gender, Beauty and Privilege (Participation)

  1. I thought Cameron had some really great points. For example when she talked about how she is only in the career that she is because all the genetics and cards stacked in her favor. It is a reality that in our society, certain people, are given privileges and advantages just because they won in the “genetic lottery.” It is completely wrong that society runs this way because looks tell nothing about a persons personality, work ethics, morals, etc. The society continues to fulfill these genetic and image based stereotypes each day when they hire less then 4% nonwhite models, or when all the advertisements and magazines feature skinny, white girls as being the ultimate beautiful girl.

  2. Such a unique way to demonstrate privilege, of being white, tall and beautiful. If I sit down and think about all the things that we have gotten in the past simply for being white… It is still difficult for me to do. Not only because I am not sure of these little individual moments, but even if I could recall them, I have no idea how much they have paid off and carried into the present. Probably because I am white I could move across my country and my dad could get a job anywhere, I haven’t dealt with discrimination when applying for a job, I am able to walk in to any store and no one worries that I am there to hurt or rob. All these little things add up and we don’t even see it.
    I think it was touching for Cameron not only to talk about how she has privilege, but to also discuss image. That just because you are tall and thin doesn’t mean that you are confident and happy. In our society we have so much focus on what is beautiful and what one must do in order to achieve this beauty, which is often reinforced through magazines and pictures of models, but to realize that once you get that shape you aren’t going to be any happier than you are now, can prevent so much pain.
    That was awesome, and I hope more stars and models continue to discuss this topic.

  3. I thought that Cameron Russell presented the idea of privilege in a very different way. She was able to physically show us how perception can change so easily from one person and one outfit. She talked about how privileged she is for being tall, skinny, and white and did not try to deny it although she believes it is unfair privilege. She explains that she won a genetic lottery and a recipient of a legacy because of how beauty is described today. For instance she talked about being let out of a traffic ticket as well as being given free clothes when she forgets her money at a store. I also thought it was honest of Cameron to show pictures of before and after her photo shoots. She explained how the camera and the editing can completely change a person and that the pictures she is in are not pictures of her, they are constructions of her built by the many people who work to make her into something she is not. It is now evident that privilege is all around society and that within the idea of a genetic lottery and legacy of what a pretty girl is, has brought out the insecurities and the unfair privilege today. With so much focus wrapped around first impressions and image, it has taken away so many opportunities for people who are not in within the genetic lottery. She made a comment that stated, out of a significant number of models recorded, only 4% of then was nonwhite. As there are some exceptions to the rule, our society needs to work a lot harder to change the continuing outlook on what beauty is supposed to look like.

  4. Cameron rasies a great point about genetics and how some people can win the genetic lottery. I would expand this idea past just models but into athletics where some people grow to be seven footers and have great NBA succsess, or some people are bron with great speed or great endurance. She also makes a great point when she talks about preception, because preception is reality and we as a society need to change that. We need to not treat people diffrently based on their skin color, how they dress, thier mannarisms both on an indavidual level and an instituional level.

  5. I think that Cameron is right, “image is powerful”. The way you look and the way dress matters so much in today’s society. Even if many people don’t want to admit it, mostly everyone will criticize someone for what they are wearing or how they look fiscally. The chances of getting what you want or getting more or less attention depends on how you look. In one of my other classes we saw a video in which there was a woman who was dressed like an older women (unattractive) and another who was dressed attractive with a small skirt and high heels. Well they were both trying to get to the top of some stairs and had big luggage bags to carry up. In this experiment the results were that the woman who was considered unattractive was not helped by hardly anyone. She was only offered help once and after her being a few steps up already. The attractive girl was asked if she need help right away. She even asked the help if he had any money she could have and the man said “yes, here you go”. So even though was not a controlled or well conducted experiment with these results we could say that the way you look really matters. Like Cameron mentioned, “the way we look impacts our lives”. You will get treated depending on how you look. Cameron also mentioned that she and her friend had been pulled over and all it took was a “sorry officer” to continue their way, but if it would have been a Mexican or African American there is no way that they would have let them go without a ticket or even figuring out a way to get them into the most trouble they could. I also agree with her that there are so many young girls out there that do not like their bodies. They feel ugly and overweight; this has to do with what media does with all those women they use as there models. Even though all those women in magazine covers are not who they appear to be young girls don’t understand that. Like Cameron also stated “those images are constructed with her in them”. The person there is not the real person. With hours of makeup and all that stuff they do to them, that what is the result the constructed person.

  6. I really liked how honest and real Cameron Russell was. She talked very openly about how she was privileged for being white, tall, skinny, and a sexy girl, she says, “I won the genetic lottery” and that is how she was able to become a model. She is chasing in here privilege card of being a legacy and a sexy white girl to be a model. She talks about the “invisible knapsack” that we talked about in class, she gets a lot of free stuff because she is privileged like getting off with a warning after getting pulled over or how she once got a dress for free because she forgot her wallet. She got the free things because of how she looked, because she is privileged. Another thing I thought was interesting and very true was when she said talked about re- touching the photos. She showed pictures of her at photo shoots and then a picture beside the model shot of her living out her everyday life having sleepovers and playing soccer. Cameron said, “These pictures are not pictures of me, but a construction.” How truly honest she is, it is very inspiring and when she openly says she is insecure, and not always happy being a model. She helps us to see how privilege works in our society and how it is perceived which is think Is very important for everyone to hear about, not just young girls who are constantly worried about their body image.

  7. Cameron Russel was completely honest on her study, she said she won “the genetic lottery”. She said she was tall and skinny and white and that was the reason she was a model. She also said only less than 4 percent of models are not white. She said how being a model is not much of a career and how much of a privilege it was of being a tall white model. She talked about how she got away with a lot of things because of her good looks. She talks about how being a model had made her very insecure. I think out media portrays that models live a wonderful lifestyle based on their looks. She points out that being a model and having her good looks did help get a lot of free things, but she also seemed like it felt wrong, She also went of that almost half of all girls are not happy with this bodies and that number increases even more by the age of 17. I think she is being very honest on everything she saying from why most young adults in New York that are getting stopped and searched are either black or latino. Overall very interesting article.

  8. I found Cameron Russell’s approach to white privilege very interesting and unique. Most speakers on white privilege are people of color that represent the victims of such privilege. Cameron spoke to acknowledge that she is a beneficiary of white privilege but is so because of the development of societies values. Society amends that her tall, skinny, and white skinned body is beautiful. Like she said, she won the so called “genetic lottery” and because of this she is treated better by society. Cameron also mentioned she has been able to reek these benefits because of legacy. Legacy that our society has constructed; that to be skinny and white is the most beautiful characteristics a women can possess. The way I see it, she is a victim and a victor in this game of privilege. While she does come out on top in respect to benefits of being white, she is also trapped in this box society has built around her. While we blame beautiful white women such as Carmen for making beauty unattainable, we need to take a step back and remember that it is us who have defined the definition of beauty in the first place. Legacy and genetics are two of the sides of the box encasing our definition of beauty and within that, white privilege. So in today’s society, yes, image is indeed powerful.

  9. Carmen was completely blunt and up front about white privileged. She made it clear of how she became a model and that she won the genetic lottery and is a legacy. She made it known that her looks can be abused if she really wanted to but she never intentionally used them besides for what she does for a living. Our society has created these requirements in what people desire for “the power in image”. It is impressive that she can come to terms with herself and announce that what her job is, isn’t really her. Because of this image that the people around her have constructed she is being misjudged for someone who she isn’t. The fact that she had the guts to tell everyone that she is insecure is impressive. That is how majority of women feel in this country due to her occupation and the judgment we bring upon each other. We have brought this insecurity upon ourselves, when we walk past one another the first thing we do is judge someone on their looks. When we leave our houses majority of our main concerns is how we look when we’re out in public. It’s crazy to realize that our looks are main priority in this world for us and how selected percentage of the world has come upon a genetic lottery which gives an advantage to things in the world that may seem to give us true happiness but, then again may not. I don’t think it will ever change drastically, the privileges that white people have versus other races. I think it’s unfair and injustice and will take years and years to change that view point for many. But as long as you have people like Carmen Russell coming out and speaking to the world, maybe it can change one person at a time and help move the world into a different viewing.

  10. The points Cameron Russell made were very interesting and correct. Society has come to a point where image is everything. With a beautiful image a person can achieve many and get away with many things. It’s amazing to see that being beautiful in the inside is no longer as important as the outside image. I also agree that when pictures of models are seen, people associate their outside life with those pictures. Those pictures are only “constructions” of hair and makeup stylists and photographers like Russell said. Just like people who are not as beautiful as others are seen differently, the same thing happens with beautiful people. Sometimes we may think someone beautiful may be stuck-up and/or not as smart. We need to change we view different people. We need to get to know a person before we make conclusions of them.

  11. I like how Carmen Russel was blunt about how white privilege works in society today. Some times not many white people see it but it is good to know that someone like her that is so pretty and has all the qualities that you will need to get by in society can tell. Many times when a white person talks about privilege they never talk about their own race. They will most likely talk about Hispanics or people of different color. Because they are so used of getting things their way they do not see how much in return they are getting from the government and from people around them. I also think that Carmen brought up a good point that society has taught us to look at society with a certain image and with that everything will be given to you on a silver platter. However people that we look upon like gods also have problems. Like she stated, she does not see herself like that she is just like everyone else self conscious of what other people think. I believe their should be more people like Carmen, people who are perfect in every which way and saying the truth about white privilege. -Nohemi Meza

  12. Cameron Russell’s approach on privilege goes directly with Peggy McIntosh point on privilege as well. Privilege was described as rights acquired by some groups of people at birth and denied to others based on particular and previously determined characteristics. Privilege was considered to being an invisible backpack for the hiking trip known as life. An invisible bank account with constant deposits and an invisible package of unearned assets that a person can count on cashing in each day, even though she/he is oblivious that she/he is doing it.

    Cameron Russell stated that image is powerful and image is superficial. There is very little that we can do to transform the way that we look. She describes herself as winning the genetic lottery. Beauty is not just health, youth and symmetry but having “white skin”. It seems that to be a successful woman, you must possess the characteristics of having white skin. It does not matter who you are but how you look. Cameron Russell says that she forgot her wallet one day and was able to get the dress she wanted for free. She did not get the dress because of who she was, but what she looked like.

    Society definitely holds different races to different standards. Being able to take full advantage of being successful means that you hold the attributes of being white. It seems ridiculous that if you are white you’re entitled to more privileges than other races. Image is everything and it is very powerful. Society sees beauty from the outside and never the inside. The concept of the “genetic lottery” is going to forever be how society holds individuals to certain standards.

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