Global Families (Participation)



3 thoughts on “Global Families (Participation)

  1. “In the developing world, the corporations have almost wiped out the cost of labor”

    This is one of the many results of a capitalized nation (more specifically corporations within the capitalized nation) taking over developing worlds and forcing them into what is essentially slave labor and giving them no other choice but to work in their sweatshops. If this happened within a developed world such as the United States, people would be calling for blood and the corporations will be sued into bankruptcy. This is why many are attempting to boycott all the companies that use third-world labor (aka outsourcing), no matter how hard it is. Unfortunately, individual and small-group boycotts are completely useless against multinational companies, and the companies generally don’t get (nor care) about the messages that their customers are trying to send by doing that. Unless a major, global-news worthy boycott of these companies happens, nothing will change for the better.

    This is also a great example of privilege (in terms of a developed nation’s privilege). Due to the fact that people in countries such as the United States are born into a society that does relatively well for itself, we have a huge advantage against people being born into developing nations such as Bangladesh. Our lives are better, and we use the developing nations’ struggles to our own advantages. It really is a sad reality, and major actions need to be taken.

  2. The difference between what is acceptable here in the United States and what is acceptable in other parts of the world is astonishing. This is definitely an example of unearned privilege and puts life in perspective.

    US companies are telling their customers not to be concerned that the workers in Bangladesh are being eleven cents an hour because even though it does seem like nothing to us Americans, it is a wage they can live off, but the homes of these workers proves this to be a lie. The workers are living in homes made of metal and wood scraps and sleeping on almost nothing.

    In the second video they talked about how women who sell clothes for some of the largest companies in the world have never even had the opportunity to see a movie let alone go on vacation and spend time with their family. They said that even if they raised their wages to thirty four cents, they would be able to put food on the table for their families.

    The privilege we have here in the United States is huge and people here often do not realize how easy their lives are compared to those in developing countries.

  3. In the world, there are many poor families. In China, there is a large gap between the rich and poor, which means that the divide between rich and poor is obvious. For example, in some rich families, people have two big house, drive expensive cars and eat delicious food and so on; however, in some poor families, people cannot get enough money to support the family, some of them even have no place to live.

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