COLORBLIND (Participation)


2 thoughts on “COLORBLIND (Participation)

  1. After watching the videos concerning colorblindness I am slightly puzzled over what was said. The groups seeking racial equality and to eliminate race want colorblindness in today’s society or at least pass their initiative to make steps towards that. However, I distinctly remember from lecture that colorblindness is a concept that will only further racism in the end or cause it to be ignored through colorblindness. Deeming race as not existing is not the way the go about changing race. When they mention holidays and black history month or large things based solely from race need to be abolished because they only need to be celebrated or recognized on a personal level. Yes, those things are personal; however, totally removing them would create larger repercussions then continuing to recognize them. The statement one man made that race has been an issue in our past for hundreds of years it will probably take hundreds of years to undo the damage. Colorblindness is not the solution or a small step that will help push off the changing of racial ideas within our society. By recognizing colorblindness it’s as if society wants to simply sweep the problem under the rug by not “seeing” race anymore.
    -Ryan Randall

  2. I remembered I did a online writing about the colorblind before. As I talked in that writing, people think ” colorblind ” can be a good method to solve the racial problems. However, it is only a way that solve this problem ostensibly; which means that people only ignore the skin color of people. Racial discrimination still exists in the fundamental.

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