Black History Month for White People (Participation)


7 thoughts on “Black History Month for White People (Participation)

  1. I think that this man does a really good job of addressing the issue of privilege. One of the most interesting aspects of this video was when he was talking about a job interview. He mentions that when a white man gets a job, he isn’t accused of getting the job simply because of his race. I think that all too often in society we justify accomplishments with race. Things that are said much to often are, “He got the highest test score because he is asian” or “Their team won because they had 2 black people”. After taking this class, i am much more aware of these statements and privilege in general. My goal would be for people to stop justifying accomplishments with race and instead congratulate people on their accomplishments simply because they are an amazing person, or athlete.

  2. While his white privilege experiences are merely anecdotes to prove his main point, his overall message is something that everyone should hear.

    He is absolutely right about the “child being born into various environments” part in response to the argument that Americans have equal opportunity. If a child is born into a family whose parents went to college, of course he is statistically more likely to be encouraged to go to college (and more chance of getting in).

    Also, the segment where he says that most white people don’t see their white privilege most of the time because they usually don’t encounter situations where they have to think about it also rings true in today’s society. This also ties into class discussions about whit privilege – the class also did agree that if you’re white, you usually don’t think about the privileges that you get. Additionally, it is also one of the main points in Calderon’s “Occupying Privilege” book.

    Overall, this video is really interesting and informative.

  3. The speaker in this video points out that a lot of white people have never had to reflect on their race, which causes them to ask questions like “Why don’t white people get their own month?”. I think this statement is accurate because prior to this class, I did not reflect much on how I am white and the privilege I’ve been given. I remember one similar instance in particular. I saw a commercial for a matchmaker website caller “”, and I said to myself, “If there was “”, people would be outraged”! Yes, this is true. The difference now is that I understand why it is alright for there to be a matchmaker website for only black people, and not for only white people; because white people are already privileged.

    Something else that I found interesting was when he said that when he is offered a job, nobody assumes it is because he is white. But I have heard people say things such as, “he only got that job because he’s black”. This really makes no sense, because often times white people indeed are the ones getting a job in large part because of their race, because of many people’s subconscious misconceptions about people of different races. In most situations, if a black person gets a job, it is most likely not because of their race.

  4. The man in this video had a lot of great points. I always find it interesting when people (mostly white) say that because there is a black history month there should be a white history month. As if all of American history and most of the curriculum isn’t already centrally focused on white people. Until I saw some of the shows or read books during the month of February other than the history of famous slaves, Martin Luther king junior and Malcolm X etc.. I hadn’t really heard about much history concerning black people. For instance I hadn’t really thought there were many black inventors until black history month events brought them to my attention. Also the Tuskegee airmen and other war heroes that just never got that much of a mention before, I know was made aware of. I think black history is more a holiday or celebration that is supposed to help foster pride in being an African American rather than tearing anyone else down. African Americans have been through the wringer in America and I guess people who started it just want black people to know that they aren’t worthless and they can be great as well. Honestly if there really was a serious White history month I would support it just as much as I do black history month. But I feel like racist whites would take that opportunity to take it beyond being proud of being white and all the things they have accomplished without stepping on others to get it for the uplifting of a people and make it more about superiority. Plus what Historical facts would be shared in that month that isn’t already all over the text books and everywhere you look. They would have to talk about history of Europeans because the journey of whites in America has already been covered to the fullest extent. I liked how he used different examples to help people to relate to him because it’s sometimes hard for people to get and understand where you’re coming from if they can’t relate. I also thought it was good that he didn’t leave himself exempt as far as accepting privilege went, just to say that he is human too and we all make mistakes. And even though your own privilege isn’t your fault, it is good to acknowledge it rather than be in denial of its existence.

  5. For me, this video reminds an issue that my mom had do deal with while she was teaching at my high school during my sophomore year. We had a Black Student Union (BSU) club that was very popular and successful. They did community service, put on cultural banquets/events, and had weekly discussion meetings on race, the struggles each of them have gone through as black guys/girls, and on white privilege. BSU had been alive and well all year but once a white senior in my mom’s walking for fitness class became aware of the club, he started a fuss. Similar to how the man in the video brings up ignorant people who ask why we don’t have a white history month, the kid in my mom’s class started an argument with her about why we didn’t have a White Student Union at our high school. My mom was and is the ASB advisor at my high school so she oversees all clubs and school activities. She was appalled that he would be so ignorant and speak without really thinking. He tried to make claims to my mom that we, as white students attending my predominately white middle-class, experienced struggles too. My mom immediately shut his idea down and tried to respectfully explain how ridiculous his claims were. The student took it a step further, undermining my mom, and wrote a letter to the principal explaining his desire for there to be a White Student Union. After having a conversation with my mom and other staff about the matter, our principal met with the kid and again denied his request.

  6. This guy does a good job of pointing out situations where white people overlook the perks of being Caucasian. Although it might seem ideal to be white in our society, I believe that people of color also have their fair share of advantages. A white person might not get looked at strange in a supermarket. But say a white male and a black male are equally qualified to be accepted to a prestigious university, but there is only one acceptance letter left. There is a good chance the black male will get accepted over the white male, because universities benefit off having a more diverse institution. I think there is no White History Month because whites have for the most part been the focal point of history in the U.S. The purpose of Black History Month is to educate and honor the people who overcame the obstacles of slavery and civil rights. The White race has never really struggled as a whole throughout history.

  7. This video is very interesting. As many white complained that “If has the Black History Month, why cannot have the White History Month?” However, as a yellow person, I also think about why do not have a Yellow History Month. Haha, Just kidding. I like one sentence in this video: “All man are created equal”. However, it is difficult to implement in the society at present. The reality is that people cannot have equal rights.

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