Race in advertisements (participation)

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4 thoughts on “Race in advertisements (participation)

  1. I feel like out of all four videos, the most racist, and the easiest to understand was the KFC advertisement. The KFC video highlights the stereotype that black people love fried chicken. Although a lot of African Americans do love fried chicken, me being one of them. I believe that KFC crossed the line by bringing this stereotype into play, and by making the white race seem superior.

    • Lots of people across all communities (crosses racial lines; cuts across class lines; national borders) like fried chicken . . .; beyond the “what you are conversation” what it conveyed in this commercial

  2. I agree with you Timmy, the KFC video really did cross the line. Also, when I was watching the Coloreria Italiana ad, I was not expecting that to be the ending. That ad goes to show how we stereotype people.

  3. At present, race has become a popular topic around the world. The racial problems can be seen everywhere in the society, even in the advertisements. I think this method will bring both sides of effect on people in their life. Maybe they could have a deeper understanding of race; or they will have more puzzles about race.

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