Race talk . . . talking about Race (Participation)

Reaction . . . thoughts . . . how does this point to need for conversation; what sorts of conversation





One thought on “Race talk . . . talking about Race (Participation)

  1. In the third video it talked about how kids see race and what i think is that darker people always get the short end of the stick because supposedly the white people have always been on top of everyone else and that rubs off onto their kids. When darker kids what to hang out with white kids sometimes it is hard for them to do that because the white kids parents forbid them to and sometimes they just don’t because they are scared of what their parents might say. On the other had the darker kids are willing to hang out with them but because they have been shunned from the white community and at time bullied it makes it harder for them to get along with each other. But their are rare times where both sides get along. That would happen if the kids were brought up right and if the kids went to a school were both white and dark kids went and their were a fair amount of students of each color. It would make it easier because their is not just one majority race. Sometimes parents might not see it but kids encounter race all the time during school. When that happens parents need to talk to them and explain how race happens in life.
    -Nohemi Meza

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